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We'll be opening on Friday and Saturday Sept. 12th & 13th for showings of the new sci-fi adventure "Earth to Echo". Click the poster below!

"Go Digital or Go Dark..." What this means to us....

Temporarily Closed PosterCLICK HERE for a Trailer & Review of "Earth to Echo"
...playing on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 19th & 20th, 2014


As many of you may have noticed we haven't been posting our usual host of "Coming Soon" movies of late and some movies are being held over a while (or longer).

The reason? Well....there are now so few movies we can project onto the screen!

That is, the film industry is moving away from 35mm prints and going digital. Digital film releases require a digital projector. And they're expensive (like $60,000+ expensive!). What this means to small theaters like us is that we either MUST convert to digital projection equipment or go dark.

The change has stirred up quite a bit of controversy among film distributors and theatre owners, but in the final analysis the conversion is fully underway, and cannot be stopped or circumvented. It's happening industry wide, and as you may have noticed we are feeling the impact. Small independent theatres are being hit the hardest, but there are solutions out there. We are currently working hard to find the means to convert our venerable old theatre to digital format and appreciate your patience and support during this difficult transistion.

To find out more, check out this exellent L.A. Weekly article by Gendy Alimurung, published on Thursday, Apr 12 2012

We'll keep you posted as to our progress in converting to digital. If you'd like to donate to the cause, please use the Donate Button on our home page. In the meantime - AND - THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!


Please Note: Due to the above considerations, (& even if we have a movie to show) we are henceforth closed on Sundays and Mondays until further notice.


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Schedule subject to change. Call 923-3580 for confirmation.

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